How to reverse Dental Bone Loss

Dental bone loss, in medical terms, is defined as the loss of bone density in the jaws. It can lead to loosening of teeth, which causes dental problems. Bone loss in teeth can also signify the presence of a serious infection which can be life threatening as well.

Causes of bone loss density

In most cases, it is a chronic condition which is caused by bad oral hygiene habits. Some common causes of loss of bone density in tooth are:

• Periodontist- This is a serious gum disease. It is usually caused by infection in the mouth. In most cases, periodontis is seen in people with bad oral habits. Lack of good oral hygiene leads to formation of plaque. Over time, plaque deposit forms a tar like substance, which then spreads to the jaw bone, hence affecting the density of the bone.

• Extraction of tooth or root canal treatment- In some cases, tooth extraction process or root canal treatment can lead to dental bone loss. When the site of tooth extraction does not heal adequately, it can lead to spread of infection, which then leads to the condition.

• Osteoporosis- Osteoporosis is a condition where the density of bones in the body gradually reduces, hence making them prone to fractures. It is most commonly seen in post-menopausal women. Osteoporosis is also known to cause loss in bone density of tooth.

• Other common causes of the disease are excessive smoking, diabetes and ageing process.

The good news – It is Reversible

Most cases of dental bone loss can be prevented or reversed. Some ways of preventing or reversing the condition are:

• Maintaining a good oral hygiene- Brushing twice everyday can help fight infections and the formation of plaque in the mouth. That helps in stopping the loss of bone density.

• Having a healthy diet- A healthy dietary intake improves our immune system, which helps in fighting infections better. In cases of osteoporosis, calcium supplements can help stop dental bone loss

• Taking care of your tooth sockets- If you have undergone tooth extraction or root canal procedure, it is important to take care of your tooth sockets. Their proper healing is important for prevention of infection.

• Bone graft or jaw reconstruction- Bone graft is the process of adding bone and gum tissue. There is also the process of jaw reconstruction that can help reverse the condition.

If you are suffering from the condition, finding a competent Yaletown dentist could help you stop and even reverse the condition. Healthy bone density in your teeth is important for good oral hygiene.

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